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Stress Less: Energetic Self-Care for the Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The holiday season is upon us once again and as always, it is a lot. A lot of energy, a lot of noise, a lot chaos, a lot of love. We are commonly told that the joy is in giving rather than receiving, and that the most important part of this season is being with the people we love. What we are not told very often is that it is also one of, if not the most, important seasons to embrace self-care.

Stress levels skyrocket, suicide rates increase, and we put our own health and wellness aside. It is so easy to become depleted as we rush around trying to do everything that we ‘must do’, on top of doing everything we want to do. And, all the while, we are being both energetically bombarded and drained by the stress of those around us, the cultural expectations, and our own needs. The good, the bad, and the ugly all seem to rise to the surface, and most of us don’t take the time to support ourselves through the turmoil.

Change rises within us throughout the yearly cycle, and those changes trigger us to desire different ways of being in the world. It isn’t only the longer nights and the weather that cause us to think of turning inward and gathering close with loved ones. These are biologically driven, energetic signs from the most natural and spiritual aspects of ourselves. We need deeper rest, and nurturing times. We crave warmer, heavier foods in preference to lighter ones. And the worst thing we can do is ignore these yearnings as they arise.

We are, in essence, little different from animals, and yet we try to live the same year round, working the same hours, sleeping the same hours, eating the same diet. And, in doing so, we are working against ourselves on a fundamental level. If we, instead, honour our own instinct driven behaviours, we create harmony with all parts of ourselves that allows us the inner strength to flow with life in a state of grace and ease.

Many of us have regular daily practices, and as the old saying about the importance of taking time to meditate goes-if we think we’re too busy to fit it in, we ought to spend twice as much time doing it. The same applies to any and all self-care. Yet, when we need it the most, we often put these activities on the back burner, thinking we’ll resume them once things slow down. Whether it is through mediation or something else-gratitude journaling, forest bathing, sun gazing-these gifts to ourselves will expand to be of benefit to everyone whose lives we touch as well.

Staying physically active and getting outside in the fresh air-warm or cold, night or day-also helps us to deal with conflictual emotions. The energy and beauty of nature calms our fight, flight, or freeze response, no matter how we choose to look at the underlying causes, which in turn, allows us to keep a clearer perspective. Between cooking and cleaning, shopping and working, we often get so caught up in our indoor life that we overlook the fact that we are of nature, and that in nature, we find solace that we can’t find anywhere else.

As our calendars fill up, and we are seeking to re-connect, we can also use the season of heightened social activity to vigilantly watch for synchronicities, as well as opportunities to deliver synchronistic messages to others. Significant turning points throughout our yearly rhythms and cycles often bring on a boom of intense energy that elevates such occurrence, and if we stay open, they can be life changing, and seemingly miraculous.

Doing exercises like yoga, eating healthy whole foods, staying hydrated and making sure to get adequate sleep will bolster us against the onslaught of germs and energetic excess, and is well worth the time and effort.

Some extra things we can do are found within Donna Eden’s work- Eden Energy Medicine.

~ Thumping the thymus glands will boost our immune systems: Tap with all the fingers of one hand on the centre of your sternum, about 3 inches below the points of the collar bones while slowly and deeply breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth for a few breaths.

~ Zip Up our energies so we aren’t spilling out onto others or allowing them to dump onto us: Slowly trace the Central Meridian from the pubic bone up to the bottom lip and then continue up in the air and back down to the pubic bone. Repeat three times or more. This also a great time to zip in any affirmations that we’re using or are resonating with.

~ Ground ourselves as often as possible: Sitting against a tree, practicing nature based visualizations, or simply rubbing the soles of the feet with a stainless steel spoon are all great ways to make sure our energies stay connected to the earth energy.

Taking care of our own energies and wellbeing not only allows us the freedom to enjoy, rather than dread, this time of year, it also allows us to more deeply embody the spirit that makes it so magical.

As we embrace the holiday season, we can find that we are able to give and receive the most when we embrace ourselves at the same time, and remember that giving love includes giving it to ourselves. We can be at our healthiest and in our highest frequency as we share our energy with others. And yes, dramas and conflict may arise for some of us during this busy time of year, and we may stress over finances or over strained relationships with others. But by centering ourselves in our spirituality, we can accept our circumstances, know what we can change and what we can not, and focus on enjoying the most wholesome and healthy holiday that we can.

Wishing you a blessed festive season.

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