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Horse Legs

Horsemanship for the Whole Family

"Horsemanship- the art of riding, handling, and training horses. Good horsemanship requires that a rider control the animal’s direction, gait, and speed with maximum effectiveness and minimum efforts." ~ Encyclopedia Brittanica


Holistic Horsemanship is here to help students create the above definition of horsemanship, with the addition of a deep connection to horses through an understanding of both horses and themselves. Simply by spending time with horses, we receive a wide variety of health and wellness benefits. Regardless of age, gender, or ability level, these magnificent animals enrich our lives in a multitude of ways, and we in turn can enrich their lives by how we choose to interact with them.


Studies from around the world continue to show gains in physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing in individuals who practice any and all types of horsemanship. The physical benefits of horseback riding are undeniable, however riding is not necessary in order to reap the rewards associated with horses. Grooming them, petting them, even just standing with them lowers blood pressure, heart rate, tension, and stress levels, while increasing clarity, focus, and joy.

Some additional benefits include:


 ~ Increased brain stimulation which promotes learning, focus, and clarity

 ~ Physical fitness and increased strength

 ~ Improved balance and coordination

 ~ Increased self esteem and self awareness

 ~ Improved communication skills 

Horses accept us as we are, where we are, while we learn and explore, holding no grudges or judgements despite the mistakes we may make along the way. The freedom of this allows us to increase our confidence and work on assertiveness skills with very little external pressure. This in turn helps to raise our self awareness, as well as awareness of our surroundings. In this upward spiral of wellness, we also gain a bond unlike any other. Holistic horsemanship is not just the act of riding a horse, it is also the ability to understand and communicate with horses.


We offer customized lesson plans, tailored to suit the needs of each student. Our purpose is to help students meet their horse related goals in a fun, relaxed environment that supports the well-being of the horse as well as the human. We encourage personal growth along with the development of strong relationships between students and any horses they may have the opportunity to work with. People of all ages, financial situations, and ability levels are welcome to come out and step into the wonderful world of horses!​


Holistic Horsemanship lessons offer a well rounded approach to many aspects of horsemanship including safety, body language and communication, leading,  grooming, basic care, tacking up, and horseback riding.


We offer a few different types of Horsemanship Camps and Group Activities throughout the year, ranging from 2 - 6 hrs in length, as well as private groups and camps. 

Therapeutic Horsemanship incorporates programs for people with physical, emotional, and mental differing abilities, diverse needs, and/or challenges. 

Camp Fire
Day Camps & Group Activities
Therapeutic Horsemanship

'Horses carry the wisdom of  healing in their hearts and offer it to any human who has the Humility to Listen'

~ Allen & Linda Anderson

 'You are not working on the horse, you are working on yourself.'

~ Ray Hunt 

 'No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.'

~Winston Churchill


 'The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.'

~ Sharon Ralls Lemon


Fading Colors

Rainbow Riders

The Rainbow Rider Program is designed for students who want to work their way through horse theory, groundwork, and riding in a more structured way. Starting with Red, students work their way through the colours of the rainbow to earn certificates and advance through booklets and lesson plans. Each colour level includes body language, care of horse, groundwork activities, riding skills and more.


Students progress at their own pace, working through the take home booklet and a non-specified number of lessons until they have mastered the skills of each colour level. Upon completion students will be given a groundwork, riding, and oral Q&A test. These tests are low pressure, and students will only be offered the chance to do them when they are deemed ready by the instructor, and in some cases, their parents or caregivers. 

We are excited to be offering something geared towards riders of all ages and ability levels. This program includes a lot of extras, taking into account relationship development between students and horses. There is no one size fits all riding lesson, and there is no one size fits all Rainbow Rider Program! We do not demand or require that students preform tasks they are not comfortable with, nor do we push students to progress just to keep them moving. 

Please contact us for further info!

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