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“Energy medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down”

                  ~Donna Eden 

What is Energy Medicine?


There is so much more to a health than we can see, and while energy may not be visible to the majority of people, our energies are the foundation of everything, and are our true first language. All beings - human, plant, animal, and every part of the earth, water and sky - have an essence that is made up of energy.

The practice of working with energies comes in many forms, and collectively make up the healing realm of Energy Medicine. Some types are more commonly known and used - yoga, mediation, breath work, reiki, acupuncture- while others are still making their way into the mainstream.

These largely non-invasive techniques provide a wide range of benefits  including but not limited to:

 ~ relaxation and stress reduction

 ~ hormone balancing

 ~ grounding

 ~ regulating systems throughout the body

 ~ strengthening connections between different areas of the brain

 ~ strengthening intuition and discernment

 ~ stimulate the lymph system to reduce build up of emotional and physical         toxins

 ~ increase immunity

 ~ reduce pain and energy blocks

 ~ feeling amazing with an increase in overall vitality!

Services: Check out our Energy Medicine FAQ or Contact Us for more info!


EM Sessions

Energy Medicine sessions for horses last up to 90 minutes, and can be done at your location, or at our place on Fox Mountain.

During each session we work to address areas of concern and discovering imbalances while harmonize the horse's energy.


$120/session (+$.50km/km travel)

(GST not included in pricing)

Image by Rhii Photography

Distance EM 

These sessions consist of the same type of work as the regular Energy Medicine sessions and are available for horses, dogs and humans. 

This is a great way to get energy balancing done on people and animals in the comfort of their own home/environment. 

Session fees vary by species and length.

Dog in Nature

EM SEssions

Energy Medicine Sessions for dogs  last up to 60 minutes, and can be done at the location of your choice, or at our place on Fox Mountain.

During each session we work to address areas of concern and discovering imbalances while harmonize the dog's energy.

$80/session (+ $0.50/km travel)

(GST not included in pricing)


We offer prescheduled workshops throughout the year, as well as workshops to private groups and organizations, at our location or yours. There will be an additional travel fee for locations more than 15km outside of Williams Lake. Contact us for pricing, with any questions, or to book!


Hand Holding a Plant

Daily Energetic Self-Care

In this 2 hour workshop we cover simple tools and techniques to  balance energies, strengthen connections and maintain optimal  function within your different energy systems. 

Clients will leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and in control of their  wellbeing and overall energetic health. 

Northern Lights


to Meridians

Meridians are tied to every aspect of our lives. The more we understand 

this amazing system, the better we are able to achieve harmony within ourselves. 

In this 2 hour workshop we cover general information on how this system works, how to test for and correct imbalances, and how to embrace a deeper, more grounded way of being. 

Home Room Decor

energy Medicine

At Home

This 2 hour workshop dives into how we can utilize the energy surrounding us to help with ailments, inconveniences, and traumas. 

We cover how to deal with difficult emotions as they arise, how to clear negativity from your energetic field, and how to energetically support your loved ones during difficult times.

Rock Balancing




Chakra and aura work may sound 

mysterious but it is straight forward once you know how to spot signs of imbalances.


Over the course of this 2 hour workshop, participants further their understanding of these systems of energy, as well as learn exercises to clear and strengthen them.

Holding Hands

Energy Testing Basics

Energy testing can be an amazing addition to your wellness plan. As participants gain clarity on the use of this modality, the implications of its use are nearly limitless.


Testing foods, essential oils, jewelry, supplements, and more against our own energies gives us peace of mind, knowing that the products and  substances we are using are in harmony with us. This 2 hour workshop covers the basics so you can feel secure testing on your own.  

Cabin Bedroom




This 2 hour workshop focuses on how our sleep patterns are connected to the health of our meridians, the strength of our grounding, and our natural cycles. 

We cover topics related to energy medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, as well as tips and tools to help you improve your sleep habits. 


Energy Medicine Sessions

Energy Medicine sessions for adults and teens last 90 minutes.

During each session we test the body's energy to discover imbalances and address areas of concern, as well as search for the root causes of issues. This work is about 80% hands on, and participants are included in the process. We offer tools and techniques to take home so you are able to maintain results and increase the rate of healing.   



(GST not included in pricing)





These sessions consist of the same type of work as the regular Energy Medicine Sessions but are geared towards children. They are shorter sessions - up to 60 minutes - with a bit more fun and movement. 

By incorporating exercises children can do on their own when they are feeling off, we enable them to start taking charge of their own wellness at a young age. 


(GST not included in pricing)

Laying on Grass


EM SEssions

These sessions are exactly the same as the regular Energy Medicine Sessions, with the added benefit of being outdoors. They can be done at the location of your choice or on

our 55 acre property.

By working on your energies outdoors, the healing is heightened, as is grounding and relaxation. These sessions are weather dependant, and are offered year round.

$120/session (+ $0.50/km travel)

(GST not included in pricing)

Training & Education

We have studied various forms of energy and metaphysical healing throughout the years, the bulk of which was completed through Eden Energy Medicine, including specific courses such as Energy Medicine for Kids and Energy Medicine for Animals. Additionally we have completed Authentic Healthy Awakenings Level 1, Animal Communication Level 1 & 2, Equine Acupressure, Reiki and EFT for both people and pets.  

Using this range of information, we offer energy medicine treatment sessions and small group workshops for people of all ages, including workshops designed for horses & horse owners.


About Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is a method of working directly with the body’s energy systems to help create health and wellness through awakening energies that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to our lives – and greater vitality to our body, mind, and spirit. Balancing our energies balances our body's chemistry, regulates our hormones, helps us to feel better, and think more clearly. It has been called the self-care and development path of the future, but it empowers us now to adapt to the challenges of the current times and to thrive within them. 

There are many energy systems throughout the body. Utilizing knowledge from many ancient and time honoured traditions such as kinesiology, qi gong, acupuncture and yoga, and combining them with modern information, Donna Eden's program has developed a practice which allows people to take charge of their own health and actively participate in their own healing journeys. Flow, balance, and harmony can be non-invasively restored and maintained within each energy system by doing specific technique and exercises. Eden Energy Medicine can address physical and emotional challenges as well as promote high level wellness and peak performance. 

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