Holistic Wellness 

Lifestyle Support

We are here to support you in getting what you want out of life. Our goal is for you to create the life you dream about. Using our training, education, life experiences, and years of experimenting with a holistic, green lifestyle we offer the help and guidance you may need along the way.

This can happen in numerous different ways, from one call about a certain topic, to ongoing conversations and resources, spanning the months of your personal transformation.

Self-care is an important part of living a good life, and this is one of the amazing forms self-care can take. We all need someone in our corner, cheering us on as we move through a lifestyle redesign and into health, wellness, sustainability and spiritual connection. We've been there, and while it wasn't always easy to transition to a lifestyle that we didn't grow up with, the benefits have far outweighed the uncomfortable moments.  

Each Holistic Wellness Coaching and/or Lifestyle support plan is unique to your needs as we blend, mix, and match all of our services to make the perfect package to suit you and your life vision. Check out our program options below, as well as our other services to find the right fit!

Wellness Programs

If you are ready to:

~ Make eco-consciousness and wellbeing a foundation in your life

~ Find simple, natural health and wellness strategies that work

~ Get in touch with your energetic self through Energy Medicine

~ Make self care a real priority

~ Practice life skills

~ Reflect your spirituality and beliefs in every part of your life

~ Reconnect with the natural world

~ And create a lifestyle that energizes and fulfills you


You are in the right place!​​

A Journey To Create Meaningful Change


  • 2 out of 3 adults in North America has or will develop a chronic disease

  • 1 in 3 North Americans will experience mental health issues at some point in their life

  • Depending on the specifics of the condition, many of the above illnesses are preventable with lifestyle management

  • We’ve become an indoor species - the average North American spends 93% of their time indoors or in a vehicle where we are constantly bombarded with chemicals and EMFs

  • Pollution is changing the face of the earth

  • We are experiencing the largest rate of species die off since the age of the dinosaurs

  • And most of all, how we choose to exist can drastically impact these trends

Because it's all connected....


Instead of simply accepting this we can...

 Live with intention, and as a result, change every aspect of our lives. We can make choices based on our beliefs, knowledge and instincts instead of living by accident and going along with whatever comes our way. Making well thought out decisions and plans about our personal health and wellness, as well as the health and wellness of our families, pets and environment, allows us the clarity and freedom to truly create a life we not only deserve but are inspired by.


~ Regular exercise decreases depression and anxiety symptoms

~ Staying hydrated improves function in every bodily system 

~ Eating less sugar reduces incidences of most current chronic diseases 

~ Breathing fresh air lowers heart rate and cleans our lungs

~ Regular exposure to sunlight boosts your immune system

~ Connecting with and respecting nature increases grounding while reducing global footprint

~ Having fulfilling jobs or hobbies increases productivity

~ Spending time and money having amazing experiences increases happiness levels 

~ When we have support we are exponentially more likely to succeed

~ Energy Medicine aligns your energy systems for optimal wellness!

When you're ready to jump in and get started, we are here to support you through your transformation. Through Holistic Wellness Coaching, Lifestyle Support and Energy Medicine, we have the tools and tips to help you short cut the years of research and begin making change today. 

If you're interested in learning more about the option to work with horses in combination with Wellness Coaching, please contact us to create the program that is right for you!

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The Planet is changing

~ our priorities and goals are too.

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, What if you fly?”

              ~ Erin Hansen 

Meditation by the Sea


We have spent nearly two decades learning, living, and studying various topics within the realm of health, wellness, sustainability, spirituality, and energy work. The work of the Pachamama Alliance, where we participated in the Change Maker Intensive and trained to facilitate Awakening the Dreamer, has played a huge role in our life choices. Including the choice to create an off-grid eco ranch where we raise our children, facilitate horse and nature based programs, practice taijutsu and provide information for others who are making the move to off-grid life. 

We began this journey due to our own health challenges and have never gone back. Taking charge of our own personal wellness, while living in alignment with our spiritual beliefs has taken us places we would never have imagined, and now we're ready to support you to do the same!  

Holistic Wellness Coach Training

The International Association of Wellness Professionals has been the global leader in holistic health and wellness training for over a decade. Through my accredited education with the IAWP, I am trained in a unique health philosophy called Wellness 360™ that helps people to create health and balance in all areas of their life. We use wellness, holistic health and nutrition, natural health and the CORE Coaching method to support clients to not only reach their goals, but create lasting changes.  

I've learned from some of the most renowned health and wellness experts, including IAWP Faculty Members Dr. Bernie Siegel (Wellness Pioneer), Dr. Stephen Rechtshaffen (Co-Founder of the Omega Institute), Sally Fallon Morrel (Traditional foods expert), Marci Schimoff (World renowned transformational teacher) and many other leading experts.

As a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and Wellness 360™ Leader, I help my clients through 5 proven steps designed to assist them in creating  total mind-body wellness with tons of support and guidance on their journey. My goal is to support you to reach your health goals and create a life you love waking up to everyday. 

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”

                ~ Hippocrates