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Adding Weight to the Shift

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

We live in a culture that doesn’t sit well with most of us. We feel trapped between deep seated desire to follow our inspirations, and the reality of having to conform to the systems around us in order to live. Basic needs—food, water, shelter—cannot be met without participating at least to some extent in this current society. And yet, so many of us know that this model for life isn’t truth. The deer doesn’t hoard the grass and make the other deer pay for it. Fish don’t guard the water, refusing the other animals access. Beavers aren’t clear cutting forests, taking the homes away from all of the other beings that live in trees. The thought of such things occurring is absurd.

Yet, what we as a species are allowing to happen is equally as illogical. We are literally killing each other through dehydration, starvation, contamination, and greed. There is nothing pretty about it, no justification that we can offer. There is no actual reason for it. It isn’t intentional for the most part. We are simply trying to survive in this crazy world, trying to feed our families and keep roofs over our heads. We’ve allowed this to happen as a byproduct of our way of life without realizing it, and then once we became aware it seemed as though it was too late. We were in too deep and there was no turning back.

But it’s not too late. It’s never too late.

How we got here isn’t the biggest issue, who is responsible isn’t the biggest issue. The biggest issue—the one we should all be focusing on right now—is how to align with the shift that is already happening and accelerate the rate at which it occurs. We can do this. If we choose. Each and every one of us can choose. Instead of living by accident the way so many have been, we can embrace the fact that our lives matter and our choices matter. We add weight one way or the other. And our souls know it.

The restlessness so many had been feeling has evolved as we evolve. For many, it is now showing itself as a craving for a better life for all, as well as personal fulfillment. We want deeper connection—with ourselves, with each other, with the earth and most strongly, with spirituality and truth. We yearn for our world to make sense and have some meaning.

A lot of us look for this through a career change, hoping to find our one great passion in life, the one that stirs us, moves us, and makes every day wonderful. And while that sounds amazing, it isn’t that easy. We may find our dream job, truly love it, and know we are helping to make lives better, but humans are ‘wired’ to get used to what we do repetitiously. The same can be said for every aspect of our lives, from relationships to homes, it all just becomes normal. Our excitement wanes day in and day out, and while there may still be many fantastic highs, those highs simply aren’t sustainable on a daily basis. And when you’re enthusiasm or lust for life dwindles, it doesn’t mean that we’ve made a mistake or that it was all too good to be true, it’s simply that we are constantly changing and as we change, so do our interests and passions.

We can’t hang all our dreams on one thing, because we aren’t just one thing. There isn’t one single calling for each of us. And it’s great! Rather than doubt ourselves because of it, we can choose to embrace that adventurous, creative part of ourselves. Normal isn’t bad but we must continue to allow ourselves to grow if we want to create ever deeper connection. This is marvellously aligned with the theory that we are here to experience.

Normal and extraordinary can co-exist.

We know there is a better way and we know there is more to life. We know we aren’t here to have the same experience over and over. Especially one we don’t like. We are here to have ever changing experiences that challenge us, teach us, and help us expand. We don’t expect children to stop growing and learning, so how did we come to expect it of ourselves as adults? The best memories from every stage of life are experiential—the stories we share, the times we reach for our camera because we want to remember the feelings we had in that exact moment. Timelessness, excitement, freedom. When it’s as if our boundaries fall away. We become limitless in the moments that we are immersed in this kind of experience, and from there we tap into something far bigger than ourselves. We come across people who, in that space, are kindred souls, and suddenly there is synchronicity. And then we part, flowing onward to the next experience.

And it is through these experiences that we are able to see everyone as an equally beautiful soul, here to experience life. This will motivate us to stand firm in our choices to live from the soul. Every time the thought arises that it is too risky to share what little we have, or take a leap even though we want to, we can look at it from a bigger picture perspective. We can see that it is actually far more risky to waste an entire lifetime repeating the same small, unhappy experience, while halting our own growth and contributing to the downfall of others than to step forward as the expansive, spiritual beings we are.

In order to live a truly synchronistic life, we must come to a place where we are authentically ourselves, and we all know our authentic selves live out loud, with compassion and generosity, through our various experiences, whether everyday or extreme. Our souls move forward, reach higher, and we add our weight to the shift.


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