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Winter Medicine

The Winter Solstice is fast approaching, and it's hard to believe another year has almost reached it's end. While the first real snow of the season was late to come, the lack of sunlight will have already started to affect some people. As the nights stretch on, it can be hard not to feel constrained by the lack of sunlight, especially for those of us with a lot of outdoor work over the winter months, or those who suffer from S.A.D. Between the dark, the cold, and the lack of certainty about the weather conditions, this time of year can be challenging. 

It can also be magical and healing. 

There is quote about the snow, but can be applied to winter in general in this part of the world:

“If you choose not to find joy in the snow you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow.”

This sentiment really resonates with many of us who love the snow and the childlike freedom it seems to bring out in people, whether through winter sports like skiing and skating, or something as simple as sliding down the driveway when no one is looking, or jokingly throwing snow at loved ones. 

There is something about the energy of the season that makes people want to play in nature and then go indoors, rosy cheeked and glowing, to get cozy as darkness falls. And there is also a peace activated within us on, such as that brought on by nights were the sky is a soft dusky purple and big fluffy flakes fall silently over the land. 

The duality between the peace of the season and the joy of the season is fluid, and when we stay flexible, open to experiencing either, or sometimes even both at once, it can reduce the stress that so often overwhelms us. We can access the inward, reflective energy that makes so many of us want to reset and get clear on what is truly important in our lives, as well as the expansive holiday feeling that makes us want to give generously, celebrate exuberantly, and create fun memories with loved ones.  

However you decide to spend your time this season, we wish you and your loved ones all the best!!

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