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Time in Nature

Nature is our home, many of us have just forgotten what it means to live there.

While we obviously don't claim nature as ours to offer as a service, it is too important a part of our programs, and our lives, not to be highlighted in this series of posts. The land we live on is an integral part of our 'team', and as much as people benefit from horsemanship, energy medicine and wellness practices, they also benefit from being in nature, surrounded by the forests and water and fields.

Access to natural, wild spaces is important for human wellness, and we are thankful everyday that we live in the part of the world that we do. A place where we get to experience such a variety of landscapes and range of weather throughout the seasons, and where all we have to do is look up at the sky to see the most amazing, awe-inspiring, ever changing work of art. We watch the hawks and cranes return year after year, see the freshly hatched robins in their nest and the newly born fawns, and are reminded that there is so much more to life than our to do lists and human-made stresses.

Immersing ourselves in nature and the seasons is a part of our history and our physiology. The sights, sounds, smells and feelings of nature are so ingrained in our species that they have the power change our moods, inspire us, and compel us into different action. From wanting to run and play in the breeze, to curl up cozy and warm as we watch a storm or heavy snowfall, this part of us remains strong, despite how much time we spend indoors.

Integrating some intentional time in nature, whether walking, meditating, playing, or any other activity that brings peace and joy to our days can be life changing. For those who are feeling disconnected, practicing full body grounding by laying on the earth, or sitting in the forest can bring us back to ourselves, giving us much needed healing.

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