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Spotlight on ... Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine covers a wide range of ancient practices from around the world, each comprised of healing tools that encourage our innate ability to strengthen, rebalance and realign. Practitioners are not the healers within these traditions, but rather supporters of each individual's energy system as it is reminded of it's own power. When we take the time to learn to listen to our bodies and understand how they work, we open up a world of possibilities that has, in some ways, been lost to us.

While there are many modalities that fall under the Energy Medicine umbrella, we trained and certified in Eden Energy Medicine. We chose this specific schooling because of the extensive program materials, incredible faculty, and nearly endless resources, as well as the benefits we've experienced for ourselves and seen within our animal companions. We offer workshops and sessions for humans, horses and dogs, in person or by distance, and continue to further our education in this field at every opportunity.

Many practitioners say that energy is our first and primary language, and after studying in this field over the past six years, we've come to believe that is true. We find that it makes life make more sense, giving us answers that we couldn't find anywhere else, and results that were unexpected, to say the least. We've also experienced a shift in how we work with horses, which has given us deeper level of understanding in human/animal dynamics.

Eden Energy Medicine focuses primarily on nine energy systems:

Meridians - Energetic pathways, similar to the lymph and circulatory systems.

Chakras - Energy centres running the length of our spinal column.

Electromagnetic Field/Aura - The body's energetic atmosphere.

Radiant Circuits/Strange Flows - These are similar to the meridians but move in unstructured ways.

Five Rhythms/Elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal provide a lens for understanding issues, patterns and behaviours within each individual.

Electrics - Help charge and connect cells, organs, and other energy systems on an electrical level.

Grid - Our foundation and basic structure on an energetic level, similar to the skeletal system of the body.

Celtic Weave - A weave like energy container for our energies, connecting all of the systems together.

Triple Warmer - Governs the immune system, the fight or flight response, and acts as both a meridian and a radiant circuit.

During sessions we work on set protocols for common imbalances as well as energy test each individual's patterns to uncover their unique needs. Through this work we can correct root causes and underlying issues to help clients move forward in their lives.

Sessions vary in length and cost depending on species and location, and we book these session during our regular seasonal hours. For more info check out, or to book contact us at or 250-392-0805.

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