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Into The Elements

We've been meaning to write this since we first published the website, finally done! Life has a way of getting us off track sometimes. We’ve been asked a few times why we decided to merge Blue Star Equine Adventures and Soulful by Nature together since the services they offered were so different, and that seems like a great place to get started with adding more regular articles to the website.

From one perspective it does appear that horsemanship (BSEA) is unrelated to energy medicine and wellness practices (SNB). But from another, there is a lot of crossovers (at least to us, haha). Everything we do has the same underlying purpose, which is to support people to:

~ learn life enhancing skills

~ gain more self awareness

~ live more intentionally

~ find their own version of balance and wellness for themselves and their animal companions. (This of course started out with horses, but really can apply to all animals.)

We originally got in to horsemanship because of the wellness and joy they brought into our own family. We had no other agenda than to share the gifts that horses had given us with others who may also be struggling. The benefits have been widely studied (see links below) and we were lucky enough to have had the real life experiences to go with the intellectual knowledge.

Studying wellness and energy medicine, and then moving on to get certified in those modalities was a natural progression. We are passionate about all of it because it places the power and responsibility for each person’s life where it belongs - with that individual. When we take charge of our own experience, our own health, our own education, we are able to navigate life from a place of love, curiosity, creativity and wonder. Anything is possible, because we choose what our goals are, what our limits are, and what we are going to create.

So why “Into the Elements” for the name?

To begin with, we decided right away that neither of the original names fit the range of services very well. And we love being outside so wanted something that incorporated the great outdoors. Nature is so inspiring and beautiful, and part of our purpose in doing all of this revolves around giving people a space where they can reconnect and relax outside. To get grounded and become immersed in the asymmetrical, diverse and awesomeness to be found in our environment in all it’s seasons.

Further, we are diving deeper ‘into the elements’ that make up the different aspects of what we're offering, be it working with horses, nature, health, energy, lifestyle or some combination of them.

And lastly, Energy Medicine is partially based on Ancient Chinese Medicine, which includes the Five Elements, and how they impact how each person will show up in life. Viewing ourselves, our loved ones, and our animals through the lens of the Five Elements can be immensely helpful in gaining understanding, discovering areas of strengths and weaknesses, and finding an appreciation for different types and personalities. After all ‘the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same’.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

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