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Horses For health & Happiness?!

What do you mean by 'horses are good for our health and happiness'?

To some people that will sounds like a random, fanciful though, but it's true- they really are! Husbands/wives/parents who aren’t head over heels with this time consuming, and sometimes (usually) expensive, lifestyle may chime in here to disagree, but for the moment let’s pretend that the whole world gets it. Imagine everyone who sees us with slimy horse slobber on our cheeks and hay poking out of our clothes, smiling with us. They wouldn’t wonder why we’re strutting around with an ear to ear grin despite being ankle deep in mud and manure, but instead understand the twinkle in our eyes.

Society used to rely heavily on horses in daily life and everyone understood the functionality of owning them. Now many people have never touched a horse, let alone worked side by side with one to accomplish a greater goal. And it's a shame. In progressing away from that way of life, our ancestors gave up a lot. Families who grew their own produce, raised their own livestock, and relied solely on what was available within their communities for survival had a deep connection with each other, as well as with the other living creatures they lived alongside. They respected the strength and intelligence of their horses, trusted them, and cared for them deeply. I'm sure they had moments of frustration when things weren't going as planned, just as we do now, but they didn’t give up on horses entirely when they hit a rough patch. The deep dependance people had on horses made them look at them in a different light.

While some of us attempt to recreate that type of connection with our animals, with the earth and with our sustenance, this lifestyle is viewed almost as a novelty for many. Or as a luxury. Often people look at horse owners, or even people who take riding lessons, and think ‘They have horses, they must be rich’. Haha, if only they knew. Spending time with horses is not a frivolous choice for the rich. It is not about prestige, or rich kids who want a pony.

Horses are a soul calling.

They light people up, inspire us, bring us out of our mundane lives, into a world of new possibilities. They comfort us, excite us, and even love us.

What is it about spending time with a horse that can bring out so many positive emotions?

According to the loads of research collecting from numerous studies done around the world, horses really are good for our health as well as our happiness. Time spent with horses has been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure, increase production of all kinds of good hormones and chemicals, increase oxygenation, clarity of mind, and on and on.

But really, does it matter what the research says? (Unless of course that’s what gets someone off the couch and onto a horse in the first place, then good on the research!) For many of us the theories about why we should work with horses, along with the science behind what they do for us, is insignificant. The reality is we are simply drawn to horses, and they make us feel good. We can only know of the gifts they give us, and that is what really matters on an individual level.

How do we feel when we’re with horses? How do we feel after we’ve spent time with horses? Are we more relaxed? More alert? More comfortable in our own skin? Are we lighter, more buoyant and glowing from within?

Yes, we are!!! For the doubters out there, give it a shot, it might surprise you.

Horses are amazing for our health and our happiness!

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