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Happy Horses  

Simple shifts to Improve your Horses Health and Wellness

Horses are first and foremost HORSES. Before we look at them as our companions, partners best friends, therapists, we have to look at what it mean to be a horse because many of the habitats and lifestyles that we provide for them does not align with their natural instincts. If we make some changes that are more in keeping with what they are hardwired for, we can give them the best chance of being mentally stable, well adjusted, and healthy. 

Hay Barrels

Does your horse:

~ Have chronic behavioural or health issues?          


~ Seem restless and unfulfilled?


~ Struggle with weight or metabolic issues?

~ Interested in reconnecting with your energetic self and the natural world to improve your overall wellbeing?

~ Ready to finally take control of your life in order to create a sustainable, fulfilling, ethical life?

Everything in life is connected, and once we embrace that truth, we free ourselves to live from a state of alignment and freedom. 

With everything that's going on in the world it's easy to become overwhelmed and paralyzed. We can be driven to inaction because we don't know where to start or what to do.   No matter what health concerns we are facing, one thing has become clear through all of the studies and research done over the course of the last few decades - we are holistic beings.  

Our approach to health, as well as to having a great life in general, must include all areas of our lives and all aspects of beings. We can not compartmentalize each section and attain lasting results. An overall, well balanced approach to living includes our environment and our spiritual beliefs as much as it includes what we put into our bodies. 

The Naturally You program helps you take a closer look at root causes, ingrained habits, and unexamined assumptions to help you get clear on how you got where you are and where you want to go moving forward. There is not a universal right answer that will suit every person. But there is an answer for each one of us, and our goal is to help you become the version of yourself that you dream about.

We all deserve to live out loud from a place of freedom, love and alignment. We all deserve to let our soul shine!

Horse riding in winter

We can change how our horses lives for the better.

Getting started on the path towards a more harmonious lifestyle, coaching program will support you to gain wellness in all areas of your life with simple strategies that won't deprive you of the things you love. The world is changing, and this is a critical time to get clear and get connected. We all have a part to play in bigger picture of life, and being at optimal levels of health, wellness and connection is the best thing we can do for ourselves, our families and the earth.


The Naturally You Coaching program covers:

7 Steps to reducing your impact while improving your health and wellness

Step 1 - The Wonderful World Outside

Step 2 - Home Improvement For Self Improvement

Step 3 - Clean Up The Kitchen For Harmonious Eating

Step 4 - If It's On You, It's In You

Step 5 - Letting Go Of Normal & Embracing Natural 

Step 6 - Flowing With Your Bodies Rhythms & Cycles

Step 7 - Connection for Self Correction

Each step includes:

Putting it into practice EXERCISES

Journaling Activities

Energy Medicine extrAS



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