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Welcome to Into the Elements! This is a space where people can gather resources for creating a life that is both meaningful and ethical. Our goal is to support clients to discover lifestyle and horsemanship practices that support wellness, sustainability, and skill building through connection to horses and the earth, where the primary focus is on developing intention and self-awareness through play and joy. Think choose your own adventure meets wellness ranch (without the cabins & overnight stays... though that may be coming)!

We have accumulated a lot of information over the course of our own journeys into holistic horsemanship, personal wellness, and finding our natural selves, and while what we offer doesn't cover all that we have trained and studied in, our services are the ones that we are the most excited to share. The tools that made the biggest impact on our lives, and in an ideal world, the skills that we believe everyone should have access to. We are continually adding from our own experiences, working steadily on our ever evolving vision.

When we take the time to move through our lives with intention and mindfulness amazing things happen!

​During a series of personal health challenges and misadventures, we experienced many of the gifts horses offer, and that set us on this path of learning and discovery. Along the way we became more and more fascinated with the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that horses and the natural world offer us. It became a mission to share this information with others - promoting joy, health, and wellness alongside our beautiful herd. 

We started our original business, Blue Star Equine Adventures, in 2011, and in 2014 we relocated to 55 acres of off-grid wilderness just north of Williams Lake, in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region of beautiful British Columbia. We later started a second business, Soulful by Nature, offering wellness and energy medicine services, before deciding to combine the the two. 


We believe in a holistic approach to horsemanship, as well as to life. An integral part of this is through connecting and/or reconnecting with animals, a community of like minded people, and the earth. To that end, we offer services outdoors year round, where everyone can have the opportunity to relax, de-stress, and consider how they want to show up for life.  


We also believe that there is no one size fits all approach to practicing horsemanship, health and wellness, or personal growth. Our goal is to help each individual find their own path, and rediscover their own magic. The experiences we provide help people learn more about horses, more about the energetic aspects of life, and most importantly, more about themselves.


As we continue to expand and develop our property, we will be adding to our list of opportunities and services.


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We are of nature - of the earth and sky, the seas and stars. Yet we live in a world of duality, often forgetting how important it is for us to be with this foundational part of ourselves. Through time in nature and time with other sentient beings, we begin to ground, to heal, to find ourselves in an entirely new state of mind. We rediscover that we are fundamentally soulful by nature.


The benefits of being in nature, whether wild or manicured, are so powerful that many countries' medical systems not only acknowledge them, but are prescribing time outdoors as part of a treatment plan for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and the many other conditions that so pervasively plague our society. The same goes for time with animal companions. In this age of technology, we are collectively recognizing the importance of the free things, the simple things that bring joy and happiness to life.


The current statistics say that the average North American, child and adult, spends 93% of their days indoors, whether in a building or in a vehicle. We help people change that statistic in their own lives and get back outside, touching the earth, feeling the sun, the wind, the rain, and the snow. Throughout all of our offerings there are the common threads of embracing and reconnecting with the natural, energetic, elemental side of life, while improving personal health and wellness.

We do not view horses as tools or pets, but rather teachers, family members and teammates who expand our experience of life, creating something far richer than what we would have otherwise. They give us an amazing gift by working in partnership with us to create relationships that are without beyond words. Simply occupying the same space as horses has profound impacts on our physical bodies and our emotional wellbeing, and when we engage in the many and varied aspect of horsemanship and equine assisted activities, the joy we can find is limitless. These beautiful animals, if we let them, have the capacity to enhance every aspects of our lives.

Whether it's through Horsemanship, Equine Assisted Learning, Wellness Coaching, Energy Medicine, or any combination of them, we are here to support people in reaching their goals while considering and incorporating their relationship to this beautiful earth, and all of the beings who reside here.

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