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Disclaimer: This article was originally written for Celestine Vision but didn't quite fit with what was being published at the time, so is therefore not actually from that site.

I’ve spent far too much of my life with the sensation of swimming around under water with no clue where I am or where I’m going. I have felt lost and alone, disconnected from my own reality and my soul. Every moment of insight and perspective felt like rising to the surface and seeing the world around me—in all its glory—with a sense of awe and wonder. These moments allowed glimmers of pure possibility to open my heart and my mind, like a brief respite in which all life became clear, beautiful and ringing with Truth. And I, like many others, wanted to hold on to that with all my might.

Yet I couldn’t. Or wouldn’t. Before I knew it, it was lost again. I fumbled and made mistakes, I took wrong turns and crashed into the people around me, causing myself and others hurt without intention.

Bursts of awareness and clarity are coming more often for many people, and it is a huge relief when they do. But these divine moments are still too seldom when we feel we are stuck inside of a set of structures and systems that we don’t believe in. When our choices don’t feel like choices, and our hope dwindles. At times like this, we all lose perspective, get stuck in routines, and before we know it, we find ourselves living in ways that we never intended, and aren’t what we want.

We are not broken.

While this back and forth may be a common occurrence on the spiritual journey of returning to self, it can be extremely frustrating. The more time we spend in that state of clarity, the more we want to be there all the time. And the more we see our own downward spirals and backwards steps, the more we get angry at ourselves. We cannot understand how or why this is happening. Even worse, when we fall into this mindset, we can become stagnant and close off our connection with the greater Universal energy. This causes us to lose sight of the synchronicities that are here to guide us to our highest selves and greatest purpose.

We get caught up in the questions such as: I know better, why can’t I do better? When I have experienced Truth and my soul level self, why am I living in the lower vibrations so much of the time? In turn, nothing makes sense and nearly everything feels like a struggle.

Many call this depression. Mental illness diagnoses are so common these days it seems as if we are expected to struggle with our mental health. And most of us do struggle, but not always because we are all mentally unwell. Rather, it is because we are living in a way that does not work. We got here by default, not realizing the cost of some of the choices that were collectively made. Yet, now that we are here, we are straining against it, knowing that we are out of alignment with the laws of nature, energy, and the Universe.

And this leads us to the deeper questions of:

~ Who can be considered mentally healthy when we are living in an unhealthy society?

~ We are going through a massive evolutionary shift, so why are we taking so long to remedy behaviours that we know are unhealthy?

~ Why do we live in a culture that causes us to burn out?

~ Why do we settle for struggle and anger and distance from loved ones?

~ How can we be expected to thrive when the entire planet is in upheaval? And, why do we expect it of ourselves?

We are the people of now.

There is no one else. If we want to change everything above, we have to make it happen. Systems, in all the many forms they come in, do what they do inside of ideals that people just like us created in order to make life better. Yet, somewhere along the way that experiment failed. We went off the tracks into a sometimes dark and dreary world that is destroying us, one by one. Crushing the goodness and the light out of us, and all in the name of progress. But what are we progressing to? Where are we headed?

We are the ones who live with it day in and day out. We are the ones who raise our children to abide within the imaginary bounds set in place by these made up systems. We are watching our animal and plant relations fall to extinction, and meanwhile we rush frantically from one task to another. To quote a country song by Alabama “I’m in a hurry to get things done, I rush and rush until life’s no fun. All I really gotta do is live and die but I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.” But we do know why: we feel we have to if we want to survive within this crazy culture.

Nearly all of us can understand the mentality of always being in a hurry, as well as the fear of stepping outside of these bounds. Yet, I often wonder why so many of us continue to accept it, myself included. Collectively, people yearn for more, for better, yet continue to play the game. We stay inside the box, thinking we are safe; when, in reality, we are caught in a web of destruction so deep that it is threatening us all.

Our lives are important. We are here for a reason, and that reason does not include the abuse and exploitation of people and the natural world. It does not include racism or war, damaging our children’s brains or locking our elders in nightmare-ish conditions. It doesn’t include imprisoning people for questioning those occupying positions of authority.

Standing up.

In order for us to create a new civilization, we have to change how we interact with the old one. And therein lies the catch, the hang up for all of us. How will we survive if we step outside the bounds that have held generations? How will we eat? How will we keep our homes? How will we survive if we quit our jobs, even though we may hate them? How will we get help if we don’t fall into line? Many of us are too afraid to make a leap. Most of us feel trapped.

And in many ways we are trapped. It is a challenge for us as we consider whether we truly are spiritual beings having a physical experience, or physical beings in need of certain physical requirements. But in a larger picture, if we don’t change what we are doing, we will damage our ecosystem beyond repair, and take away the ability to live in comfortable conditions from future generations. Our children, our grandchildren, and their children will be the ones who suffer the consequences of our behaviour. And, if we fail to respond to the urgent problems we know exist today, we will live out our days in a constant state of cognitive dissonance, knowing that our behaviour is out of line with our true spiritual nature.

If we are truly to be free, we must be brave and bold and work through any discomfort that we feel. We must dive into life, and in a sense, live as the characters from Celestine Prophecy lived. They were searchers, seekers, and adventurers striving for a better life for all. They put themselves out there, sometimes in dangerous situations, because they knew that their truth was more important than their fear. They knew that love is the most essential state to exist in, and that anything less isn’t worth it in the long run.

I am constantly trying to look to the Celestine Insights and other such works as practical solutions rather than philosophical ideals. I am constantly reminding myself to live from my truth, and practice my beliefs. The time has come where we must make bold efforts, or risk losing everything. We must take our love, our spiritual power, and put it into action. This may look different for each of us, but action, when it comes from love, contributes to the greater good of all. If we all make changes to our daily lives, and choose to consciously live from this state of mind for even just a portion of our time, imagine what we could achieve.

It’s evident that we are capable of changing the world. And that I believe, is the only way forward. We must continue trying, staying awake and aware, and taking every chance to put our efforts towards increasing, enhancing and furthering the vision of a wave of Love and enlightenment flooding the world, uplifting societies and reforming our global behaviour.

We are the ones the world has been waiting for.

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